Luxury Apartment Living at Astoria

Your living quarters are one of the most important parts of an assisted living facility, and we’ve built our apartments for luxury and simple access to make living easy.

We know you’ll spend the most of your time in your apartment so we’ve made sure to provide each unit with the basic utilities needed to run a household with ease. Enjoy a completely private bathroom, an easy to use air conditioner, mini-fridge, television, and lounge area.

Astoria features completely private and semi-private apartments with the freedom to bring your own furniture on move-in or have our designers furnish your room for you.

Your apartment is conveniently located close to the Astoria dining hall and game room and can be reached in a short walk through our beautiful landscaping. Escorts are available to get to and from your room, and we offer room service and 24 hour contact with our certified nurses.

Astoria Assisted Living Semi-Private Apartments

Semi-private/shared apartments are also available.